First Aid Group International focuses on providing prosperity for individuals and businesses alike. With each subsidiary having its own mandate, our core function is to provide financial assistance, as well as essential individual and business support needed to ultimately achieve and enhance financial prosperity. By operating a profitable private-equity funded business, the company mainly seeks to revolutionize and to grow the services industry in Jamaica in which we operate.

With the ever waning Global economic climate, we have identified entrepreneurship as the only catalyst for breaking the proverbial ceiling of economic stagnation. With our foundation being credit, we seek to provide affordable solutions for a selected market segment while creating the opportunity for business innovators to attain the needed start-up capital and business resources. We also cater to existing businesses to grow their financial status through tailored solutions.

At First Aid Group International, access to complete financial and business services is considered a right, not a privilege.We believe in creating value and transforming lives.

Our Motto

“Transforming lives… Shaping futures"

Our Vision

We aim to establish ourselves as market leaders in providing complete financial and business solutions to individuals and companies globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide first class service and continuously introduce innovative techniques in the industries in which we operate. We are committed to maintain excellence and efficiency, all in a customer friendly environment backed by a well-trained and motivated staff.