Mobile Apps

It’s getting faster everyday, most of your clients want it now, and they want it online…Are you ready???!

E-Solutions activities involves creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and shareholders. Simply put, it’s making it happen online. First Aid Business Solutions offers easy solutions at the speed of the internet.  What’s easier and more convenient than a mobile app?!

Why online & mobile apps? Because you must. Online access is directly related to sales and therefore ultimately related to profits. Mobile Access creates convenience.  Think about it, everyone has a phone or a mobile device.  Your clients are on the go!  At First Aid Business Solutions, we pay close attention to convenience and ensure ALL aspects of your delivery is covered.

Software Solutions

Your business must be streamlined anywhere you take your company. We have the knowledge of what will make your operations seemless and functional.  We have a team of highly trained software specialists and qualified  who has the knowledge and experience to satisfy all the requirements of our customers.  We will assist you in finding the right software for your business, even if we have to customize accordingly.  Call us for your software needs to take you further…faster.

Web Development

Define, optimize, design, build, launch, feedback, these are just a few of the steps involved in our meticulous approach to web creation. Paying keen attention to details and ensuring every inch of screen space is dripping with creativity and functionality, that’s the First Aid approach. Don’t think it’s just about creating a beautiful website, it’s about creating an online force that will ultimate establish your brand, create visibility and drive in business. Our websites can involve a full software suite to have you working from one space effectively.  Let’s expand your vision, let’s expand your reach.


Up to 5 pages
Up to 10 email accounts
Social Media- Bronze
Up to 10 pages
Up to 20 email accounts
Social Media- Bronze
Email Campaign
Payment Gateway
Up to 15 pages
Up to 50 email accounts
Social Media- Silver
Email Campaign
Payment Gateway