Operations & Consulting

Getting organized and putting structure to what you do is very important to your bottom line. Our experienced team of business consultants will evaluate, then redesign your processes to increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing and ultimately eliminating waste. We will assist in enhancing client experience and synergizing activities through systems development and automation. Let First Aid Business Solutions help you plug operational gaps and create a seemless structure that works efficiently.

Strategic Planning

Looking to start or expand a business and don’t know what’s required? Or just looking for guidance to ensure survival? Come in and talk to us, we can walk you through the process from registration to launch, and beyond! We will assist you in making and retaining success!!! We are dedicated to helping your business succeed.

Just what is Business Consultation?

  • It’s creating new opportunities for you and your business.
  • It’s providing you with better management controls.
  • It’s working with you to determine trends and uncover opportunities.
  • Most importantly, it’s listening.

As your partner in your business, first and foremost, we’ll listen. We’ll listen to your vision and respond with customized information and solutions that will get you where you want to be.

Business Plans/Prospectus

Ready to initiate development strategies and planning activities? Well the time is right to start thinking about creation of a business plan or a prospectus. It is important to clarify the purpose of the before starting to develop a draft, regardless of the stage the business is in. First Aid Business Solutions can assist you in formulating a winning plan that works and helps implementation for success, profitability, and growth! Let us bring clarity and precision to your business planning and have your business geared for success.

Business Registration

So you are interested in starting a business? Well, there are a list of legal requirements that must be followed. These will depend on the type of legal structure you choose when forming the business which includes Sole trader, Partnership, Company or Co-operative. The requirements will also depend on whether the business is for profit or non-profit. Sounds complicated? Let First Aid Business Solutions guide you through the process and take the hassle out of the experience. VIEW OUR PACKAGES HERE and Contact us today.