Investment Management

Agricultural Commodities

Commodities can be a superb complement to any portfolio. As a long-term investment, commodities offer the potential for attractive returns, can reduce risk through improved diversification and may help portfolios to outpace inflation. First Aid Wealth Management manages the Divine Earth Group investment portfolio that offers management of agricultural commodities. These include honey bees, sheep, goat, cattle etc.

First Aid Wealth Management also focuses on other nonfinancial assets such as:

  • Private businesses
  • Real estate

Our team can work with you, as appropriate, to integrate these real assets into your overall plan and portfolio.

We can help you realize your objectives with assets you already own, or help you acquire specific assets to take advantage of their capital growth and diversification potential — whether you own these assets outright or they are held in trust.

Your portfolio manager is a key member of your relationship team and serves as your personal “chief investment officer." He or she will work with you to create an Investment Strategy, which serves as a blueprint for your portfolio by documenting your:

  • Private businesses
  • Objectives
  • Risk tolerance
  • Cash flow needs
  • Tax situation
  • Wealth aspirations

Your portfolio manager’s ongoing role is to incorporate our best strategic and tactical thinking, most relevant research analysis, current market insights and appropriate investment solutions into your portfolio. He or she will regularly monitor your portfolio to make sure it conforms to your Investment Strategies, which will be updated whenever there are significant changes in your life or goals.