Our Philosophy

The philosophy is embodied in it’s name. Our name First Aid reflects our fundamentals of genuine care, honesty, humility and integrity. is about discovering innovative ways of meeting the needs of our clients, while staying rooted in our core values. It’s about providing a results-oriented approach, tailored to suit each unique client. For us, it’s doing things right the first time, and uplifting quality, while being efficient and maintaining unmatched standards.

How we conduct our business is just as important as what we do. Our core values are the principles that guide us daily in enabling our clients to achieve prosperity. This is highlighted through the acronym, DIRECT.

Dedicated: We will continue to provide quality products and services that exceeds our clients’ expectations, through a dedicated and inspired team. We take a customer first approach by focusing on service and on service and on service. We earn your business, not count on it.

Innovative: First Aid Group International places high emphasis on innovation. Cutting-edge solutions are at the heart of our business, mirroring efficiency and effectiveness. We will always take a tailored approach with our clients and conduct research to ensure success.

Results Oriented: We are passionate about becoming the unrivaled industry leader by achieving superior results for our stakeholders. We work diligently to ensure that are clients’ objectives are not just met, but exceeded.

Excellent: We hire top talent and implement a champion approach to all our efforts. We provide timely and accurate service to all our clients in a professional and friendly manner. We ensure that we adhere to international standards and thus unhesitatingly exude confidence knowing that we are brightest and the best in the industries we serve.

Creative: We closely follow trends in the markets we serve. We bring ideas and projects to life in colour! Our personalized solutions are designed to depict an out of the box approach, understanding each individual and business is unique. Our goal is to merge tradition and current trends, embracing wisdom in the new era.

Trustworthy: We keep our promises and commitments to doing business with the highest standards EVERY time. We strive to distinguish ourselves as an admirable brand and dependable

Our Vision

We aim to establish ourselves as market leaders in providing complete financial and business solutions to individuals and companies globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide first class service and continuously introduce innovative techniques in the industries in which we operate. We are committed to maintain excellence and efficiency, all in a customer friendly environment backed by a well-trained and motivated staff.