Marketing & Advertising

Having a great product or service serves no purpose if no one knows about it. In fact with good marketing, a not so good product will outsell a great one any day.

Just What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the activities involved in creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and shareholders. Simply put, it’s creating your vision and then telling the world about it. First Aid Business Solutions is much more than an advertising agency, we are business partners. We combine marketing, strategic planning, creative and production expertise in order to provide unsurpassed service.

Why market? Because you must. Marketing is directly related to sales and therefore ultimately related to profits. At First Aid Business Solutions, we pay close attention to your vision, culture and ideals, and ensure ALL aspects of your marketing and branding synergize; all in pursuit of an effective total brand communications package that increases sales. We work tireless researching the market and gathering data that will enable us to clearly communicate to your market segment while building brand visibility, loyalty and prestige.

So now that you know what marketing is all about, are you ready to get started? Or are you thinking about the amount of resource you will need to get all that done? Don’t stress it, at First Aid Business Solutions, we take the hassle out of the process, in fact, we will become so much a part of your business, it will be like we are another department. Managing all marketing activities and campaigns, working with product development and consumer testing. We will grow our efforts as the business grows, adding value and ever evolving.


Your corporate identity must have a strong presence anywhere you take your company. We have the knowledge of what will make you stand out and communicate effectively your brand vision and mission. We have a team of highly trained marketing specialists and qualified designers who has the knowledge and experience to satisfy all the requirements of our customers.

First Aid Business Solutions can assist you with:

  • Brand Concepts and Corporate Imaging Logo Designs
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Internal and External Signs and Displays
  • Product Packaging and Labeling

Social Media & Online Marketing

Let’s face reality, we are now officially in the social media age, 91 percent of our clients are online, can you afford not to be? Didn’t think so. When we say online marketing, we are not just talking about Website Development but rather every aspect involved in having an online presence. From the creation and management of Professional Facebook Pages, Email Campaigns, YouTube, Blogs and much more. Research shows that 700 Billion minutes per month is spent on Facebook alone worldwide, WOW, sounds like everybody is on Facebook. Well not everybody but almost!

Media & Graphic Designs

We knew you were a visionary! Now let’s create a snap shot or several snap shots of that vision. We will create and communicate just what you had in mind and everything you’ve wanted to express. From Logos to Billboards, our team of expert designers will reach deep inside your head, pull out that picture perfect Advert and put it on display. Take a peek at our gallery…



First Aid Business Solutions has added new meaning to the term “full-service” advertising agency by offering an ever expanding array of services. The relationships we have forged gives us unprecedented access to creative and connection tools globally. These tools can give you the ability to consolidate global communication efforts. We have a deep understanding of the local, regional and global marketplace and apply advanced tools and techniques to gain insights which inform our creative. We can reach more people and deliver the right message and the most receptive time, even if we need to create our own opportunities where none exists.

Audio & Motion Advertising

Be amazed, let us create, innovate and animate your ideas, watch them come to life right before your eyes. At First Aid Business Solutions, we specialize in cutting edge, there is no I can’t, but simply let’s see what’s possible. We are resourceful in finding and putting together the personalities needed to depict and portray that 30 seconds of magic. Let’s create something together…

Text Messaging

We know you understand the power of Texts!  Let us reach a large audience for you!  Tell them about your services…Deliver your message straight to their mobile devices.  See our packages HERE.

Web Development

Define, optimize, design, build, launch, feedback, these are just a few of the steps involved in our meticulous approach to web creation. Paying keen attention to details and ensuring every inch of screen space is dripping with creativity and functionality, that’s the First Aid approach. Don’t think it’s just about creating a beautiful website, it’s about creating an online force that will ultimate establish your brand, create visibility and drive in business. Let’s expand your vision, let’s expand your reach.